Wide range of options, favorable financial terms and convenience for you and ticket buyers!

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Add events, change prices, times, descriptions, view financial data online, add and change users, and more. The possibilities are very wide.

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Control tickets with a professional ticket control app, suitable for both Apple and Android phones, and has been tested at countless events. Use as many controllers as needed.

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Served events
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Terms of cooperation

Using the system
Ticket sales
The system usage fee is reduced if ticket sales revenue per month increases*
0 - 2 000 €
2 000 - 10 000 €
10 000 - 20 000 €
20 000 - 50 000 €
50 000 - 75 000 €
75 000 - 150 000 €
150 000 € and more
Commission to the ticket buyer for the purchase of a ticket - 0.60 €. Prices are in EUR without VAT.
The price list for the service is available here.

How much will you earn?

Ticket revenue
Bezrindas commission*
Your profit
* Bezrindas.lv SIA is a VAT payer, so VAT will be calculated and applied to the Bezrindas commission.
The calculation is illustrative. It is assumed that 20% of the tickets are sold in the 1st month, 30% in the last month and 50% in the other months, divided equally. Bezrindas commission is shown without VAT, which is applied additionally.

Your benefits?

Unlimited options

You will get unlimited rights to fully handle the system - actually use it as your system and make the necessary changes at any time. Your colleagues will also be able to do it, as long as you give them the necessary rights.

You will have rights to:
✔ Create unlimited events
✔ Add an unlimited number of event locations and times
✔ Add unlimited ticket groups and tickets
✔ Unlimited number of profile users (with different rights)
✔ Unlimited number of ticket controllers
✔ Unlimited possibilities for creating invitations
✔ Unlimited discount types and discount codes

Fast, simple and convenient payments

✔ You receive ticket money in your account every month. Also before the event.
✔ You won't even need to bill us. We will send you a report, calculate the commission and transfer the ticket money.
✔ If necessary - we can provide you with money transfers even several times a month.
✔ Customers do not need to register to buy tickets. The purchase can be made in less than 30 seconds.
✔ Legal entities will receive invoices and, if they wish, they can also pay for your tickets by bank transfer.

Enjoy the freedom

✔ Sell tickets also on your website
✔ You can publish and change event information at any time
✔ Change ticket prices and quantities, and add new ticket groups whenever needed
✔ Monitor your system users, change their rights, add new ones and delete them whenever you want
✔ Create invitations, discount codes and cancel tickets - anytime
✔ Control tickets for free with as many controllers as you need using a professional ticket control app

Live broadcasts, sales of video recordings, etc.
Get your event ticket buyer data, host online events, and sell event videos. There are a lot of possibilities and the system is powerful, safe and efficient.

✔ Receive the data of your customers - ticket buyers, collect them, and use them in accordance with GDPR norms
✔ Pre-sell tickets, hold promotions, create registration forms for events
✔ Also create hidden and free events
✔ Also host online events and sell event videos
✔ Reports and all event information will always be available to you

Why are more than 700 event
organizers using Bezrindas.lv?


The start of cooperation with Bezrindas.lv significantly increased our ticket sales volumes.

AGRIS REIHMANIS International exhibition organizing company BT1

Easy to work with, no unnecessary formalities, I can add and edit events myself. Very modern!

MĀRTIŅŠ MIELAVS Owner of the Club Piens and Villa Von Strick

The most convenient, fastest and most welcoming cooperation you have ever encountered. Zero problems and dozens of benefits. Everything is fast, responsive and friendly.

EDGARS ŽUKOVSKIS Event organizer Comedy Latvia
Kaspars Cipruss

Bezrindas.lv are loyal partners of the Basketball Union at a time when every ticket buyer is like a dear guest to us, and professionally cope with all challenges at a time when the huge demand for good basketball overloads the servers. Interest and professionalism - a pleasure to work with!

Kaspars Cipruss Secretary General of the Latvian Basketball Association

How to start selling tickets?

  • 1
    Fill out the registration form


  • 2
    Sign the contract online
    with e-signature

    It is also possible to sign the contract in paper form.

  • 3

    You will get access to the Bezrinda event management platform, you will be able to add events and sell tickets.

Frequently asked questions

Can an individual conclude a contract?

Unfortunately, according to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, we cannot serve private individuals. The contract can be concluded by any legal entity, including economic activity performers - self-employed persons, association or any type of company.

Can i sell live broadcast tickets?

Bezrindas is specially adapted for online event and video ticketing. There are even several ways to sell tickets to online events:

1. On Bezrindas platform

The live broadcast tickets will contain a link on Bezrindas platform and a ticket code which will be used to watch the event on 1 device at the same time. You will also be able to create invitations. After adding and publishing the event, the filmmakers you provide will receive video broadcast data (in RTMP standart) to send to Bezrindas rebroadcast platform. This is a paid service according to the price list.

2. ''Embed'' video on Bezrindas platform

This option allows you to insert a video broadcast of your chosen platform on Bezrindas website with the help of ''embed'' code ( for example, from YouTube or Vimeo profile) so that ticket buyers can watch this video on Bezrindas.lv platform by entering the codes of the purchased tickets. Please note that this type of video streaming is generally not secure as users may be able to copy and distribute your live video streaming link to their friends/ acquaintances on Your chosen platform unless You have specifically protected it.

3. On another platform

Tickets will include Your provided link to watch the event. Bezrindas.lv does not control and is not responsible for other video streaming solutions. You will also need to provide your assistance contact number and ensure that assistance is provided during the livestream.
What are the ticket return policies?

Tickets can be returned both by the organizer and you can also use our service according to the price list. We provide refunds for tickets. This service of ours includes notifying buyers by e-mail as well as returning the money itself.

What are the ticket return policies?

Tickets can be returned both by the organizer and you can also use our service according to the price list. We provide refunds for tickets. This service of ours includes notifying buyers by e-mail as well as returning the money itself.

How is ticket control organized?

Event ticket control is performed with professional Bezrindas ticket control apps. They can be downloaded to controller phones for free for both Android and Apple phones. You will be able to add as many ticket control users as you need.

What payment options are available for buyers?

Ticket buyers can pay for tickets by using SEB bank and Swedbank internet banking, payment cards of any bank, Paypal, Bezrindas gift card or invoice - by entering details and receiving an invoice for payment.

Is it possible to receive my customers data ?

Yes, by concluding an annex to the contract on the processing of personal data according to GDPR regulations.

Do you have a different question?

Contact us, we will answer any of your questions:

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