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1. General provisions
1.1. The website (hereinafter the Site) and ticket sales through the Site are provided by SIA Mikromaksājumi, reg. No: 50003855851 (hereinafter referred to as the BezRindas).
1.2. By accessing and using the Site, viewing any section or fragment thereof and using any of its functionality, you agree to the Bezrinadas Privacy Policy.
1.3. By making purchases of tickets, you (hereinafter the Buyer) certify that you have read and agree to these Terms of Use. In case if additional specific terms have been published for the purchase of some tickets, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these additional terms.

2. Purchase and settlement procedures
2.1. When making a payment, the Buyer confirms the conformity of the purchase content with his / her will.
2.2. The payment must be made within 10 minutes of the ticket selection, otherwise the ticket booking will be cancelled and the Buyer may not receive tickets. If this situation arises, the Buyer can contact the Bezrindas customer service: tel. +371 29905050, e-mail:
2.3. The use of the Site services and the purchase and delivery of the ticket may be a subject for commission payable by the Buyer. For different tickets this commission may vary. The size of the commission depends on the agreements closed with event organisers and other parties involved in the process of service delivery.
2.4. When purchasing a ticket, the Buyer may choose to receive additional services, for example, the delivery of an SMS ticket to the Buyer's mobile phone for which a service charge is due. Charges for additional services are shown by choosing those services.

3. Procedure for returning, changing and refunds of event tickets
3.1. Event tickets are not refunded or changed.
3.2. In case of cancellation of event, suspension or the change of its venue, all responsibility to Buyers, return of money or change of tickets is carried out by the organizer of the event. Bezrindas liability is not assumed in this case. Commission fees and additional service charges are not refunded.

4. The conditions of return, change and refunds of BUS tickets
4.1. Bus tickets can be returned on Site in Bus ticket return page if more than 2 hours left until the departure.
4.2. The refund will be paid during next 7 working days.
4.3. In case of return of Latvian domestic bus route ticket Buyer will receive refund of 75% of the ticket price.
4.4. In case of return of international bus route ticket Buyer will receive an 80% refund of the ticket price.
4.5. If the route is not made by the carrier and Customer makes the ticket return, he or she can receive the refund up to 100% of ticket price.
4.6. The commissions and payments for additional services do not apply for refunds.

5. Responsibility
5.1. The buyer is responsible for the correct input of the Buyers and the ticket user data by the purchase. When entering incorrect data, the ticket may not be delivered or the person may not be allowed to enter bus or event.
5.2. Bezrindas does not assume responsibility for lost tickets and situations where tickets are made available to third parties by the Buyer's fault. Responsible for these situations is the Buyer.
5.3. Bezrindas is not responsible for the content and quality of the event. The event organizer is responsible for the content and quality of the event. The name of the event organizer is indicated on the event ticket.

6. Special provisions for the purchase and use of bus tickets
6.1. The bus ticket does not include any insurance and baggage costs.
6.2. When boarding a bus, the bus driver may ask the passenger to present a personal identification document with the ticket. The Passenger's personal data must coincide with the passenger which the Buyer entered making a ticket purchase. Otherwise, the bus driver is not entitled to take passengers on a bus. In this case, neither the value of the ticket nor the commission, nor the fees for additional services are refunded.
6.3. Bezrindas is not responsible for the quality of passenger transport services. Buyer with claims regarding the quality of the transport service may apply to the carrier.

7. Other rules
7.1. All disputes and disagreements are solved between both sides, but if no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be resolved by the court of Republic of Latvia according to the place of registration of the Bezrindas.
7.2. Bezrindas has the right to cancel any purchase if there is a suspicion of the alleged fraudulent nature of the transaction or the use of any other person's billing information.
7.3. Bezrindas reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time.